Monday, October 10, 2011

Vacation in Washinton Part One

Well let me start off by saying, WOW Washington state is BEAUTIFUL, which is probably why I got over 1500 pictures from the week that we spent up there! Oh, just an update, Dustin and I recently took a trip up to Washington state to visit his sister. We were also scoping out the state to see if it could potentially be a place for us to settle down, and it is definitely a possibility because I loved it there! The weather, aka the rain and clouds, was amazing! Let me clarify... D and I live in Yuma, AZ which is the hottest place in the country, no joke! Yuma is known for it's sunny days and scorching summers! I dislike this place with a passion! =) But I am trying to make the most of it here because we are here for a couple more years at least, due to the lovely military! Although I have a hatred building for this place, I have to be grateful for it as well, not only is it the place where D and I have started our lives together but it has also given me an appreciation for the weather that everyone else hates. Rain! I liked the rain even before we moved here, but now I LOVE the rain and I love clouds, thus is why I love Washington! 

So, like I said I have over 1,500 pictures from our trip, but I am going to put my favorites on here... which mind you is still A LOT... so if you are brave and have some spare time on your hands, you are in for a treat, because these pictures turned out fabulous if you ask me. So... Let's begin... 

D and his sister in Tacoma after a little breakfast. 

My lovely hubby posing by a tree.... which wouldn't be significant to anyone except that we flew from Yuma, where there are no Trees taller than 10 feet so we were impressed right away! =)

This was a fun little pond in the middle of the park. Again, Yuma has no water so we were fascinated! 

The following are a serious of lovely ducks that were floating around the pond on this lovely rainy day! 

I love the raindrops on the water here!

Dustin's sister is also an avid photographer/artist so she wanted to snap a few photos of us walking through the park. Ahh Love. =)

I already miss wearing a jacket. =(

Some interesting trees and shapes! 

Autumn leaves! I miss the seasons! Curse you Yuma! 

This was a beautiful drive through another park in Tacoma. Gorgeous!

A cool shot of the fall leaves through another tree.

This tree looked like it was meant to be sat upon, so he did indeed sit upon it and we took pictures. 

The Pugit Sound

So, this tree was really cool, the textures and colors were amazing, and Dustin was teasing me because instead of taking pictures of the scenery, I spent a lot of time taking pictures of this tree. 

This racoon was fearless! He just popped up to say hello and then scurried away like he was just strolling through the park. He was a handsome little devil though. =)

Another interesting tree. It almost looks like paper peeling off of someone's skin...

Handsome Hubby and I in front of the Pugit Sound.

The fog was rolling in.

A large and fabulous bridge.

I enjoyed some of the architecture and brick buildings, we don't see much of that down here. 

The Pugit Sound on a lovely clear day. 

This was a beautiful walkway along the water

It was romantic strolling along here, holding hands and taking in all of the beauty of nature!

We walked through the woods on these paths for a while, it was incredible! Nature is so serene and beautiful! I enjoyed this more than Seattle I think. 

Some berries along the trail. 

This tree looked very large (later we'll see more large trees, but this was early on in our trip)


And very big around. 

Some lovely green!

After walking through trails, we went into the park and there was this beautiful flower garden... and I had a lot of fun with my camera here! 

I loved these flowers! 

These colors are AMAZING!

Just outside the garden was another little pond, and there were SO many turtles, so here are a few that I caught on camera. 

This guy looked grumpy and he kept his eye on us the whole time! 

These two looked like they were gossiping about all the other turtles. 

This tree was really big! (there will be more later)

I sat down for a while and tried to get this duck as he was bathing himself, and I got some cool photos from it. 

This was a shot of the rocks along the shoreline, I try to find the beauty in everything...

This tree was gigantic! I would like one in my front yard. =)

This was down by the beach, looking out on the Pugit Sound.
The color contrast here looks amazing!

We stopped here and rested a while and relaxed on some driftwood. 

It was peaceful.

The driftwood made for some very cool pictures!


I love the texture of this piece of wood. 

Dustin was carving a piece of driftwood, he was making a fishing rod. 

I love the water!

I wish we could have gone out sailing or kayaking or something, the water looked so inviting.

Dustin took this picture of the little tugboat. 

Mt. Rainier, it was pretty cloudy so I never did get a good shot of the peak. 

More racoons, they were everywhere. 

I think on a little 5 mile strip we saw like 8, and a couple ran towards the car like they were going to jump in the window and mug us. =) 

A peaceful little bird perched on a fence in front of the water. 

This view is from on top of the Space Needle in Seattle! 

Mt. Rainier, still a little cloudy.

Dustin and I on top of the Space Needle

It doesn't look very tall here, but it was!

Dustin and I in front of the Space Needle.

Pike's Place Public Market! 

There were a lot of people, but it was a cool place!

Being a fan of Starbucks coffee I naturally had to stop in to The Original Starbucks for a Cafe Mocha! 

The market was really cool! I could have spent a lot of time in there just taking pictures of foods!

These were cool hanging pepper ornaments. Would be cool to make and see down here in Yuma.  

The ceiling inside part of the market was rich and pretty!

The famous Pike's Place Fish Co. (We didn't get to see them toss any fish but they sang/chanted a little)

So many beautiful fresh foods!

We spent 2 days of our trip driving around the peninsula, and it was gorgeous everywhere we went! It was such a great drive, and we of course had to stop a million times for some BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! 

 This looks so much better in the larger format, but gorgeous nonetheless. 

A lighthouse off in the distance

It was early in the morning and the fishermen were all out, and I got to capture this and it looks so peaceful.

The colors were amazing too!

The mountains in the distance 

I love fences!

Another view of the water and fishermen.

Dustin and I by this lovely white-picket fence, there was a lovely red barn and farmhouse here too, it was a beautiful piece of land. 

A hawk flying over a field. 

A path along the ocean shore. 

Looking out from the bluffs at the mountains and the ocean's shoreline. 


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