Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Catch Up!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, especially pictures, so here goes nothing... I am going to attempt to catch up on all my lazy blogging by doing one ginormous entry! Enjoy! =) 

These are a few different flowering plants that I have growing in my yard. 

This is a super fun project that I did. I found the idea online some time ago, and I decided I needed some art in my living room... so I took this cheap, black, old coffee table of ours and I decided to use it as my canvas... so I painted it a solid blue color, then used a few different shades of orange, white, and green to paint the rims of some cans, and then stamped them on the board in random places and VIOLA! Then i took a paintbrush, dipped it in some paint and flicked paint across the board to give it a little speckle. =) 

This is how it looks above our entertainment center. (FYI, the walls need to be painted a new color soon because my new color scheme is blue, green, and orange)

These are some pillows that I made. I found this gorgeous blue and green fabric and had to put it in my living room! It is suppose to be outdoor material, originally intended for cushions for the bench out back but I loved it so much I used it in the living room instead. (p.s. I got a new tan slip cover for the couch, it looks a lot better with the pillow colors) 

This was a really fun photo-shoot that I did at the daycare center that I work at. It is a military installation daycare, and we were doing patriotic themed photo contest for the month of July and these were some of the ones I took. There were a TON more that were super cute, but I don't have permission to use the children's pictures online, so I posted these few that didn't have any children in them. =) 

Might I also add that some of the Photos that I took WON THE CONTEST!! Yeah that's right! They will be blown up, and framed and be put in the lobby/offices of the daycare center!!! 

These next bunch of pictures are the incredible views from on top of Telegraph Pass. These are from mid-late July, we went up the trail at about 8 am, and it was probably 90-110 degrees on our trip up and down. It is a SUPER steep hike! My face was beat red and your legs will feel like jello about half way up... or at least mine did! (note to self-start hitting the gym you are WAY OUT OF SHAPE) D and I did the hike with some friends of ours, Brandi and Jake. Jake and Dustin are both Marines, so they are obviously in good shape, and Brandi runs like 5 miles everyday and 14 on the weekends so she is in ridiculously good shape, and then there's me... I don't workout, I hardly ever run, I mostly sit on my couch and eat junk food... so I was dying on the trip up! BUT, the views from the top are incredible and definitely well worth the tough hike! These pictures honestly don't do it justice up there!

D looking at the mountains in the distance. 

So I thought this rock looked like a silly face! Do you see it?? 

D and Jake taking in the sights (while I rest and snap some photos) on our hike back down... which is like 10000x easier than the hike up!!! 

D was doing a little climbing/exploring above us. (We are looking into starting some rock climbing, which we are both really looking forward to doing soon!)

The towers atop of the mountain and those tiny specks of color in the middle are Dustin, Jake and Brandi resting on the little bench at the top. I ventured off a little bit to take some pics. 

This is a view of Yuma... and the desert that surrounds it. Sad... but I live here. (for now)

and now compare the lame view above to these views below... still very flat but look at the green!!!! I am so jealous of the people who live on the other side of the mountains! 

These are our babies, the picture is not only super cute because Gunner is resting his head on Marley but it's also a good shot of the collars I made for them. Gunner's is camo- like D's uniform and Marley's is made with some left over fabric from those pillows on the couch. (I told you I loved that fabric!) =) 

This is a beautiful picture of Marley! She has such gorgeous eyes! =) 

The hubs and I also spent a day at the shooting range in July or August. D got a new AR and wanted to go test it out... turns out it was too clean though and jammed after a couple shots... it was a bummer but we still had the pistols with (and i had my camera) so we still got to do a little shooting and have a little fun! =) 

I thought this was terrible that all the shell casings are just left all over the ground out here... but it turned into some interesting photos. 

This is our 40mm pistol. It had a little more power, and I didn't really like shooting it, and it's suppose to be "my" gun HA! 

D didn't miss a lot but this one got away from him, but look at how close it is to the target... later you'll see how terrible I did... (try not to laugh) =) 

Now this pistol was a little nicer. This is the 9. Smaller, but still just as effective.

And here I am with the 9... I got scared even with the kick of this...

Ok... here's the funny part. HAHAHAHA yeah I missed the target by like a mile compared to D. But he's a Marine so he is obviously going to be better than me. 

I thought this thing was cool... reminds me of a fair booth that you have to knock the little man down by shooting him. Unfortunately these were like 15 feet in the air so we did not get to shoot at him. 

Some more photos of shell casings. 

On our drive home from the range we passed this big rock pile, and I noticed this little guy hanging out in the shade. If you ask me, he looks like an alien. That was the first mountain goat we've seen. 

I just wanted you all to see this... amidst the desert of Yuma, there is a nice little river that runs through it. There lives the only green for miles! haha sad... but true. 

I just thought this was kind of a cool picture... the tree fell into the water, but the roots were still in the ground and the leaves were still growing. 

Well, thank you all for visiting my little ol' blog, thanks for catching up on our lives lately... hopefully I will have more crafts and DIY projects as well as pictures to post soon! 
~Kari from Minnesota Sunshine~

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