Saturday, October 22, 2011

more projects

I still haven't gotten around to posting the rest of my Washington pictures, sorry... it takes so much time and I haven't had a whole lot of that lately, but today I have a little time... so I am going to post some pictures of projects and things I have been working on/doing lately! =) Enjoy.

The following pictures are from a chandelier that I brought back to life! I hated this terrible glass frame around the top and gold color, so I revamped it with some tweaking, spray paint and some decorative glass beads. 

VIOLA!!! I still need to find new plastic pieces to cover the light sockets, those tan looking ones kind of clash with the black, but I might spray paint those as well for now. Overall, it looks a million times better than the framed mess it was before. =) 

I took some time a while ago to try and figure out how to organize some photos on our living room wall, and I was pretty happy with how I finally decided to place them. 

I also want to note that I have been thinking lately about starting a crafting club, something for me and a bunch of friends to get together and have some fun and make some crafts and bake and what not, so there may be a bunch of posts to look forward to from our first shot at it!! =) I am super excited about trying this because I need a little excitement and I have SO many ideas for crafts/projects!! =) 

And in the spirit of Halloween, I edited a picture of myself... to give it a little spooky feel. =) (I will hopefully post pictures of our costumes soon too!)


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