Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning...

February already, my my I have been a lazy blogger... Well as much as I wish I could say that my life has been so busy and eventful that I didn't have time to write, that would be a lie... so instead I will tell you that I have been working and spending quality time with my wonderful husband, and on special occasions my extended family and friends. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years have all come and gone, it is now 2011 and nearly Valentine's day. This month is also special to me because I will be another year older.

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix with my husband, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend. It is 9:00 in the morning and I am the only one awake, which is lucky for you because otherwise I may not have found the time today to write this lovely blog.

I am feeling very alive this morning, if that makes any sense. I am truly taking in all of the things that I am seeing and smelling, as though they are all new to me. It's funny that my sister just flew in from Minnesota, yet I feel like I flew in with her... as though all of this is new to me, that I never took an honest look at where I am. I feel like a traveler, like a tourist. On the drive to Phoenix I was really soaking in the sites. The mountains seemed somewhat familiar but as though they changed and became new to me once again. I took on the mindset of what she would be thinking, what she would be seeing and I tried to look through those ideas, those thoughts. It was an awakening for me, I wish that I could look around and soak in the sites and sounds like this wherever I go. I would see so much more and remember so much more if I acted as a tourist everywhere....

Well I know that this was short and maybe full of nonsense but husband's stomach is calling. I hope to write again soon.

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