Friday, September 3, 2010

Happily Ever After?? If you say so!

I have an obsession with Disney movies. That's not really a new discovery, it's a fact about myself. I guess I just never out-grew cartoons! =) I'm still very young and I am still trying to make my life into a fairy tale of sorts. I honestly think that fairy tales can be real if you make them real. Life should be lived as though you are living in the "Happily Ever After" portion of your story.

I know I probably rarely live my life that way, but I should, I should learn to respect and appreciate my husband more often... well, all the time actually. Sometimes I feel like I don't show him my love as often as I should, and sometimes I feel like I show him so much affection that he gets a little tired of the hugs and kisses, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. I tell him at any and every moment that I feel deeply in love with him, how much I care for him... (which is pretty often)!

I get frustrated when I hear about couples that end their relationships or marriages because they say they have "lost the spark" or that they just don't feel the romance there anymore... that is a load of bologna if you ask me! Yes I believe that the "spark" of a relationship is an intense feeling that you get when you are with someone that you love... and I don't think that it ever goes away, or suddenly gets lost.... It's a feeling that you create by being so overwhelmed with love and appreciation and desire and passion for someone. It's easy to find again, if you would just look past all the arguments over money and all the bickering and just look into that person's eyes and think about what you felt when you met them, and how in love you truly were, and if you just forgive and look at who they really are, you will fall back into love again... it's as easy as believing and loving no matter what.

Life is going to end at the happiest moment and just say, "and they lived Happily Ever After." That portion of your life should never just stop, you should relive that feeling and those emotions all the time and just open your heart and let the feelings sink in! Life can be a fairy tale, you just have to make it that way. Fairy tales don't just happen on their own.

I feel as though my life thus far has been an absolutely incredible adventure and just the beginning of a long life of happily ever afters!

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