Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unfortunate news

My grandfather is dying...

He is in his last few days, maybe weeks of life...

He has had a life worth writing a book about, he has survived the Great Depression, he survived many near death experiences, and he was a paratrooper in World War II. He grew up in a struggling world during hard times, but he survived it all! He is now 84 years old and dying of pancreatic cancer.

We all had high hopes that he would fight his way through this and come out yet again undefeated. But cancer had the stronghold and still isn't letting go. He is the strongest man I have ever known, that makes this time even harder because he is being defeated and he is very weak.

He may only have days, or even hours left and I pray that the pain subsides so that he can say goodbye to his family.

I wish I could be there with him now, or been there all along spending time with him, learning about his life and all that he has seen, but time is impossible to get back, so my wishes turn into regrets.

I love my grandpa and I always have been proud of him, even if I didn't show it enough. I hope that he knows of my love and respect for him, and I hope that he understands how much I wish I could afford to be there with him.

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