Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New additions in 2010

Tulips are my favorite! (valentines day gift from my hubby!)

It is the beginning of March, can you believe it? Well, I have finally found a job... two actually... after 5 months of searching. I'm relieved but also nervous to get back into a work routine. Honestly, I enjoyed not having to get up early, and have no obligations each day, but it is starting to get old, so I am ready to get out of the house and make some money! =)

We bought a new puppy this weekend! It's a scary thought that soon we will have two dogs that outweigh me in this little house! I must admit that he is an adorable puppy! He is a pure bred English Mastiff, as is Marley, and he is 7 weeks old. The potty training is already starting to get on my nerves! It's funny that this is my husband's puppy, yet I get to take care of him.... I knew this would happen, but not much can be done now. On the positive side, he is a very cute puppy and I love when he snuggles beside me. Here are a few pictures of him: Gunner is his name.

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