Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Story Continues

Wow, 2010 already! That still amazes me!

Well... I had a busy holiday season, but first off I want to make a note that Marley is now one year old! Her birthday was the 23rd. She is growing fast and she is filling our hearts with joy (not to mention she fills our bed pretty well also). Yes, that's right... we let her sleep in our bed. I think it was a bad idea to start allowing that, but it's a little late now. We just bought a king size bed to accommodate her and her massiveness. Needless to say, she is spoiled and enjoying every minute of it.

Back to other news:

Christmas was a blast. We traveled five hours to Dustin's cousin's place. I was nervous at first because we had never spent time with her and her husband, without the entire family there. But, Lindsay and I had no trouble relating to one another (Must be our Minnesota roots). She is a great person, very well grounded and knowledgeable of her faith. She is a very smart woman, strong, confident and admirable! I had a good time getting to know her.

Dustin got to know Tom pretty well also, and I have no doubts that they will remain friends. They went coyote hunting each day/morning and I know he enjoyed that! He is now very avid about going out hunting here on the weekends. He wants me to join him, but mornings are not my specialty. Maybe one day. =)

While we were at Lindsay and Tom's we played games and conversed into the night. We spent Christmas day out in the mountains. We hiked up one of the ranges that was close to their town. We were pleasantly surprised to see a few inches of snow. We brought Marley along and she had a great time exploring and running through the woods and snow for the first time. We have a bunch of pictures from the trip, mostly of Marley and her two new friends Gage and Calli.

It was a long drive but it was a good trip.

I spent New Years in Minnesota with my parents and siblings (minus my brother that is in the Navy). I got to visit with a few friends and my grandparents. I had a good time, but I really missed home and Dustin, Marley, and Tigger (our kitty). I am happy to be back.

On another note, I am working on our family genealogy. I did a little searching to find people from Finland with the same last name as my grandmother's mother, and I've been in touch with a man who found out who my great grandfather's family was and where they were from. He helped me get in touch with a man from Sweden that had my great grandmother's family traced back to the 1500s! I was ecstatic to get that information! I am still awaiting some information from my grandfather's side, and I'm very anxious for that!

Moving on... to recent news about Dustin and mine's relationship status:

Dustin and I are doing very well. We have now been married for over four months and we are taking good care of each other. I am so happy to be married to such an amazing man! We do have our little arguments... usually about me not having a job yet. Me not having a job is starting to effect our lifestyle a little. We aren't able to spend money as casually as before... and we aren't able to save anything right now. To be honest I haven't tried very hard to find a job, mostly because I'm lazy and don't wake up in time to go out and look. But, I am vowing to myself that I WILL try and that I will put forth a lot of effort to find a job, even if it's temporary, it'll be better than nothing.

Speaking of change, I am trying to get into a normal sleeping pattern and hope to wake up in the A.M. instead of the afternoon.

So..... in that effort, I am signing off and going to sleep! =)

Goodnight and God Bless!!!

(Here are some random pictures some of MN and hiking through the hills back here in AZ...)

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