Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something I wrote to my adoring husband

Within this noise I find my peace.

It comes with a touch of your skin and a clasp of your hand in mine.

My heart races and thumps through my chest and surfaces at my mouth as a smile.

I have a comfort that I've never known before and it only comes with your company.

Being with you has made me a stranger with all of the people I used to know, because I have grown accustom to our private life.

I have such satisfaction knowing that I have a home with you. Knowing that my world has transformed and that I belong to you.

My name changed along with my soul and my world will never be lonely again.

I have placed your heart within mine so that I will find death and despair with it's absence.

Without your love my blood would seize to flow throughout these veins and my skin would become pale and cold, until the pain subsides and nothing is left.

With your love clearly present, my heart beats on and warms my world and gives it color and brings forth new life.

I love you babe!

Love always and truly,
Your Wife!

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