Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love above all else

This world has it's eyes closed to reality.

No one wants to face the truths that are staring them down.

Change is necessary, but how can a blind world see what needs to be changed?

I find solace in this near perfect world in which I have lost myself in. My heart is always open and yet has no fear of being broken.

I have a trust that holds these walls up, and maintains our home.

I often forgive, even when my conscious says to seek revenge, but I don't follow my own mind, I act irrationally and am often grateful that I do so.

I follow my heart, even when I cannot hear it's voice over my mind's.

Love conquers my mind on a daily basis, reaching out and caring even when I am furious.

Love has a grasp on my being and fights for control.

My mind plays dirty and forces me to places and thoughts that I do not want to follow.

I wander the corners and darkness in my head and wonder of the alternate paths that I could have gone down, but my heart leaps in and reminds me the power and affect that love has on my soul and it guides me back to safe haven.

To love I write today and thank for the life that you have provided to me. I am grateful for your commitment to my ever wondering self. Your reassurance and loyalty has brought me to a life filled with light and joy. Again my thanks I give to thee.

I ask in earnest that you will always be so loyal and stick by my side, so that I may always find my way back to this happiness that my life was so blessed.


Love above all else.

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