Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today: "...let us rejoice and be glad in it."

On an adventure yesterday we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium!  It was little L's first visit to an aquarium.  Our 11 month old wasn't overly interested in the tanks of fish; surprise, surprise!  

He did enjoy the wave machine and small play area and of course all the toys in the gift shop were a big hit! =)  It was a nice escape from the house for Mommy and Daddy though.

While I do love being able to stay home with my little man all day, it is a nice relief from the consistent activities that come from a day at the house. 

Spring couldn't come soon enough!  Both L and myself are in need of the fresh air and adventures that warmer days bring.  

We are currently in the works of finally selling our home in Arizona! (Quietly cheers to self). It is a bittersweet process though. 

On one hand we won't have to worry about paying a mortgage for an empty house on the other side of the country, or dealing with the horrible broker we had while renting out the house (grr), but on the other hand it was our first home and we put a lot of work and sweat into making it beautiful and not to mention all the memories that we started there. 

I will miss every inch of that place most definitely, but selling that house makes way for new memories and new adventures here in Minnesota. As a family.  That has expanded by one since leaving Arizona and hopefully more to come.

 Moving forward is hard when you dwell on past memories but at one point you had to move forward to make those memories happen and so the cycle will continue. Time to make new memories! 

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