Friday, November 6, 2009

Who am I?

I'm a girl that still has a lot to learn. My life has only just begun, and I'm just starting to personalize my story. I've stumbled through a lot of things on this path to growing up. I've made it through some heartaches, and probably caused a few heartaches myself. But I've stepped forward and I've found someone now that connects with my soul. He is inspiration in my life, and makes my heart flutter. I don't know what I've done to deserve a love like what he has for me, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Together we will continue to create a lot of incredible memories.

While learning to grow very close to someone, I've also been learning how to be my own person. I haven't wanted to depend on people in the past, but being in love has to be a balance of two people holding eachother up when they can't keep themselves upright. Everyday I feel like my life is just beginning, and that I'm at the brink of an extraordinary journey. I'm continuing forward, not always knowing the right path to take, but making choices; learning from the wrong ones, and being thankful for right ones.

I stumble: I'm not always graceful... I trip. I scrape my knees. I spill stuff on myself all the time.

I cry (quite often): I tear up at just about every sad movie. I cry when my fiance leaves (even just for a few days). I cry sometimes if someone says something to me with even the slightest harsh tone.

I get very moody: I'm easily irritated, and sometimes I snap unnecessarily.

I get scared easily: sometimes I run up my stairs in case someone is behind me. I worry that people might be looking through my windows.

I wear makeup just about everywhere. I'm not always happy about looking in the mirror. I get dressed up for no reason... I'm uncomfortable when I wear tank tops or shorts, like I'm exposing too much skin. I have a lot of clothes, some of which I don't even like wearing, but I don't want to get rid of... just in case one day I might want to wear them.

I can be very stubborn. I want people to understand my opinion and often will get bullheaded to make sure they're listening to exactly what I'm saying.

I'm terrible with money. I buy clothes and random things that I'll probably never use.

I lose lots of things. Sweatshirts, socks, chap stick, pens, jewelery...

I love Disney movies, and I still believe in fairytales.

I love watching the HGTV channel. I love to decorate, and dream about what I will put in my house.

I watch too much tv. It takes up a majority of my day.

I like rainy and cloudy days. I like the smell outside when it's cool and wet.

I'm imperfect, but there is no other that is just like me.

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  1. Thought I would come over and "meet you" from Choose Joy. I love how you lay it all out there. I can just feel that you are real and you are YOU all the time. I too, stumble and am not always grateful and definitely imperfect. Thanks for sharing some of yourself with us. I love the "dancing with Marley" picture!